Chua Thien Mu
Thien Mu Pagoda

The sounds of Linh Mu Bell are echoing,
and the Tho Xuong night watch is making
an announcement with drumbeats.

The pagoda is located on Hill Ha Khe, Huong Long Hamlet in Hue, the ancient capitol of Viet Nam. Linh Mu Pagoda was rebuilt by order of Lord Nguyen Hoang in 1601. A legend said that, Lord Nguyen Hoang made a site-seeing tour to this wonderful scenery, where he was told about a hoary-headed lady in a red robe and blue trousers, sitting on the hill top, saying: "A righteous Lord will come here someday to build a pagoda on this holy place as the solid foundation of his reign." Then the old lady disappeared. The hill was later called Mount Thien Mu (Mount Holy Lady).
Lord Nguye~n Hoa`ng had the Pagoda rebuilt and named it Thien Mu Pagoda (Under King Tu Duc, it was renamed Linh Mu Pagoda, the Holy Lady's Pagoda).

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