Event: Espaces - mixed media on formed metal
When: October 21 to November 13, 2004 (Reception: 6PM 10/21)
Where: Galerie Hoa Mai
25 rue Guenegaud
Paris 75006 France
Tel: 01-
Mobile: 06-
Contact: mai@HoaMaiParis.com
Website: hoamaiparis.com

Preview: http://www.lebadang.com/lbd35-paris2004/index.html

Paris – An important solo exhibition by world renowned artists, LEBADANG, will show his latest work at the Galerie Hoa Mai at the Saint Germain des Pres district. LEBADANG’s latest form of Spaces art, while exhibited around the world, in prestigious galleries and museums, has never been shown in France. This is the first time that art lovers in Paris will have the opportunity to view his latest two side mixed media on formed metal.

Event: Mua Xanh Muon Mot
When: June 10 to June 20, 2004
Where: Bao Tang Ho CHi Minh
7 Le Loi, Hue
Viet Nam


Event: Méditation
When: October 14 to Oct 31, 2003
Where: Galerie VRG
23 rue Jacob 75006 Paris
Saint germain des prés

Lebadang khan dong ao giai se don tiep cac ban nong nhiet chu khong (fait la gueule dau mà so). Chuyen này toàn tranh ve loai "méditation" tràm tu mac tuong, nhung co nguoi bao là Thien, lai co bà bao là Phat, lai co ke keu la là TIEN (dau huyen). Nhung ban o xa thi lay may bay, o gan thi co bus hay muon chay tim cho thi di xe hoi. Nhung du sao cung co den, khong den voi nguoi thi den voi tinh cam cung duoc.

Than lebadang và Phu nhan