Lebadang fuses the cultural influence of Europe and the Orient in his poetic visions articulated in watercolor, sculpture and lithography. He is critically acclaimed for the grace and simplicity of his imagery, executed in infinite variations of line, shape and color.

Lebadang was born in Vietnam in 1922 and immigrated to France in 1939, where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. He received numerous prizes for his paintings, drawings and sculpture. In 1950, his first one-man exhibition in Paris was highly praised by the French press. Over the next three decades there were many important exhibits of his works throughout France and Germany. Lebadang came to the attention of Americans in 1966 when the Cincinnati Art Museum hosted the first one-man exhibition of his paintings in the United States.

Lebadang's paintings and graphics are in many important public and private collections, including the University Art Gallery, Lund, Sweden; Rockfeller Collection, New York; Loo Collection, Tokyo; Phoenis Art Museum; Ruud Lighting, Inc.; Lloyd Baretz Enterprises; Behavioral Medicine Northwest, Seattle; etc...

Selected exhibitions / Quelques expositions / Vài triên lãm cá nhân

1996 Gallery Ostendolf Heidelberg, Germany; Calcutta
1995 Detroit; Saabrucken, Gallery Herburger
1991 Commissioned to make to sword of academician for Professor Jacques Ruffié
1990 Spaces exhibitions
1989 Award from International Institue of Saint Louis
1998 USA, Japan, Germany
1987 New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto
1986 New York, Northbrook, Chicago, San Francisco
1985 Circle Galleries, New york, Chicago, New Orleans, Pittsburg, Los Angeles, Cherry Creek;
Gallery of Fine Art, Denver;
Promenade Gallery, Woodland Hills
1984 Circle Galleries, Houston, Northbrook, San Francisco, San Jose, Miami;
Pioneer Square Gallery, Seattle;
Congress Square Gallery, Portland;
Gallery in the Square, Boston
1983 Circle Galleries, Chicago, San Diego, New York
1982 Circle Galleries, New York, Pittsburg, San Diego, San Jose, Northbrook;
Carolyn Summers Gallery, New Orleans, Cherry Creek;
Gallery of Fine Art, Denver;
Clayton Art Gallery,
Ludeke Gallery, Cincinnati
1981 Circle Galleries, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston;
The Owl Gallery, San Francisco;
The Walton Street Gallery, Chicago;
Gallery in the Square, Boston
1980 Circle Gallery, Chicago;
Clayton Art Gallery;
Genner Gallery, Duisbourg;
Wonderbanh Gallery, Frankfurt
1974 Kunstmesse, Dusseldorf;
Circle Galleries, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego; Cherry Creek;
Gallery of Fine Art, Denver
1972 Galerie Fontaine, Paris;
Frost and Reed Gallery, London
1966 The Newman Contemporary Art Gallery,
Philadelphia Cincinatti Art Museum
1963 Garelie Mignon Massart, Nantes
1962 Galerie INA Fuchs, Dusseldorf
1960 Au Seuil Etroit, Paris,
Galerie Source, Aix-en-Provence
1958 Au Seuil Etroit, Paris,
Galerie Cézanne, Cannes
1956 Au Seuil Etroit, Paris
1953 Galerie de l'Odéon, Paris
1952 Galerie du Globe, Paris
1950 Galerie du Globe, Paris